About Us

Advisions is an experienced design & marketing firm that has both a serious and whimsical side to what we do. One day, we can be furrowing our brows as we systematically develop a new logo for a client. Or maybe a brochure, a direct mail piece…just about anything that is ink on paper. Plus a bit of website design as well.

Then there are days where we create things that just might make milk come shooting out of someone’s nose, or at the very least, elicit a toothy grin. Humorous illustration is almost a dying art in this all-too-serious world, but we take great pride in finding ways to convey a message or idea in an attention-getting, whimsical way. We are also working on products that carry our illustrations; soon to appear on sites like Zazzle and Cafe Press.¬†And who doesn’t need another key chain?

For now, these samples are just the tip of the ol’ design iceberg until our site is fully functional. In the meantime, if you have a project that you think might be a good fit for our talents, leave a reply here or email us and we can provide more specific samples, quick sketches, rough comps and more. For more information on our array of services contact advisions@comcast.net.

Thanks for giving us a look!

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